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Here, you will find my published works and works in progress (WIPs).

I’ve met his gaze weekly for nearly a year. When I finally approach the green-eyed lumberjack, I feel our instant connection. Does he?


The more I discover, the more drawn I am to Sébastien, but the French Canadian can only offer friendship. Admittedly, I’m happy just being near him.


As we get closer, though, remaining friends isn’t enough.


When Séb finally opens up about his daughter, his ex, and why he fears being touched, my feelings intensify. But, I wonder if revealing my own past will be worth the pain of facing it. Can I show Séb who I am behind my playful mask?



Every week, I see the sad man with honey eyes. He makes me crave what I cannot have, if I am to protect my daughter and mon coeur.


When Schuyler approaches me after months of shared looks, I reluctantly offer friendship, though I know he wants more.


My baggage might scare Sky away, but more and more I hope he stays. I might even be able to trust him with what scares me most: touch.


I hope Sky will trust me with his everything because the sadness in his eyes breaks mon coeur.



Stroll into Love is the first book in the Mulligan in Love series and can be read as a standalone. This fluffy, sexy, slow-burn gay romance is sure to make you swoon and giggle. Happily ever after is guaranteed.

Same Sex Male Couple


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Man with Tattoos


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Secret Little Elf.jpg

When I first see Ignacio Angel Ortiz Santana, his broad shoulders slump and hopelessness clouds his deep brown eyes. Even still, he sparkles for me.


After getting fired from Santa’s workshop for “not being a good fit,” I’m sent to Florida to work for Mr. “Santa” Santana and help him find a miracle. Under my new boss, I find more than a miracle, though, including a place where I fit just right. But does Mr. Santa agree?


Six weeks after drunkenly writing a letter to Santa Claus, Arlo applies at my shop claiming to be one of Santa’s elves. He’s joking, right?


After the innocent Arlo enters my life, things go from bad to worse, but I can’t shake the feeling he’s special. When I finally see Arlo’s true nature, sparks fly, miracles happen, and I can’t ignore just how special he is. But will he stay as my boy after he finds my miracle?

Secret Little Elf is a standalone MM Christmas Romance novella. This low-angst journey of a virgin boy finding his fated mate and discovering how much he needs a Daddy will keep you warm on a cold winter day. Happily Ever After is guaranteed.