• Sophie Russell

It's Wednesday...

This is going to be an incredibly short blog post.

The election was yesterday, and we still don’t have word on who is likely to win. The race should not be this close.

I don’t mean that the results go against my expectations. I mean that more people showed up to vote for Shrump than in the original election, and that is unconscionable.

We are past the point of claiming ignorance in the danger he poses. We already know the danger we face. We already know the hate he spews. We already know how harmful his policies have been.

Today, we know that at least 233K Americans have died from COVID-19. We know that the rights and protections of the LGBTQ+ are at huge risk. We know that bodily autonomy for women is at risk. And Shrump is at the center of it all. We know these things, and people still voted for him. We know these things and more people voted for him in this election than in his initial one.

People have chosen to vote for a demagogue.

My heart is breaking, and I don’t want to live here, anymore. I haven’t wanted to for a long fucking time.

Even if Biden wins, I still don’t want to live here, because I don’t want to live near people who value their hatred and anger more than others’ rights and—ultimately—others’ lives.

There is no excuse for voting for him. There is no justification that can make that choice okay. A decent human being would vote to protect the weakest and least protected among us. I am in a country that has—at last count— 67,107,209 people who are not decent people.

Anyone in New Zealand, Canada, or Australia want to sponsor me? Because I can’t keep living here.

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