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Mochi with a Mohawk

I figured it would be a good idea to introduce myself. In case you couldn’t tell by the many times it’s written on my website, I’m Author Sophie, a.k.a. Sophie Evan Russell, Sophie E. Russell, or, just Soph. Well, those are iterations of my pen name, but we’ll just leave that as it is, for now.

I write male-male romance. Super-duper gay stuff, and I love it. I hope you do, too. (If you don’t, what are you doing here?) If you are asking why I would choose to read and write gay romance, pay attention to next week’s blog, because that’s what it’s about.

Anywho, I’m new to this whole “author” thing, and even newer to this whole “blogging” thing. I hope you find what I write interesting, and if you don’t, I’m going to keep writing to spite you. That’s just in my nature.

**sips delicious, wholesome spite from my cup with my pinky out**

I live with an old dog (Hobbes), my cat (Archimedes, aka Archie), Roomie, her gecko (Chipotle), and The Other One.

Roomie is an aspiring artist, and she draws super cute chibi art. She drew my portrait, which is on Facebook and in the back of my work, and I hope to hire her to create chibis of my characters. Then, I hope to put them on bookmarks, book plates, charms, keychains, shirts, etc., but that’s a long way away.

For now, I’m focusing on writing and recovering. I had a wrist replacement done exactly seven months ago (as of the date I’m writing this), and I have a few underlying issues that has made this recovery slow (for another blog post). Other than that, I am a Fine Arts/Creative Writing student at University, where I am decidedly non-traditional, I’m gender fluid and accept any pronouns, I’m graysexual, and Roomie tells me that I look like mochi with a mohawk. I can’t disagree.

I hope to cover a multitude of topics in the blog, and I hope to update that every week. I won’t bore you with a lot of verbiage, and I certainly won’t say more than I think needs to be said. Stick around a while, and we might become friends. At the very least, you could laugh at my antics. I know I do.

Anywho, I’m signing off for now. Be sure to come back next week if you want my full answer of why I choose to read and write super-duper gay romance.

Au revoir.


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